Envisioning "a society where all adolescents and young people live a healthy and meaningful sexual and reproductive life, free from coercion, discrimination or threat to violence”, we exist to support member youth networks and organizations to sharpen adolescent components within their respective plans, programs and interventions. Which include impact oriented education and services for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. Contraception and counseling for adolescent mothers, harm reduction for adolescents who use drugs and as well as adolescent key populations.

CYSRA-Uganda also represents voices of African young people and adolescents most impacted by the AIDS epidemic to the Board that governs the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV and AIDS i.e. the UNAIDS PCB in Geneva. in addition, CYSRA-Uganda, also coordinates the East and Southern African Youth Alliance on Sexual Reproductive Health rights and HIV (ESA-SRHR&HIV), A network of 11 youth led networks and working together to better advance needs of young adolescents and young key populations living in East and Southern africa.

Who We Serve

Our efforts serve to meet needs of adolescent girls and boys (10-19 years), who are left behind in the national HIV and SRHR responses. Adolescents living in High impact and vulnerable communities including cross border populations, fishing communities, slums and urban and peri-urban hot spots. Adolescents and Young people Living with HIV (A/YPLHIV), adolescent girls, Young people selling sex, Young People on streets, Young people working in bars and lodges and Young People in and out of schools.